Talent Acquisition

The Talent Trap – Why the insurance industry needs to implement retention strategies that start with the recruitment process.

Last week I
wrote about the potential
impact of Brexit on the insurance industry and why staff involved in
recruitment should focus on having solid staffing strategies in place; one of
which should focus on how they retain their best people.

With the average staff turnover in
Ireland around 11% – and the typical cost of replacing an employee […]

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Every Day’s A School Day (including Sports Day)

Some time ago I was discussing with a client the importance and value of continuous professional learning and development. Not learning for learning’s sake but for the development of further knowledge and increasing ones awareness of the things that matter most in our respective industries. He agreed with my assertion of the need to […]

Why BREXIT may actually be good for Ireland.

Is Britain’s difficulty, Ireland’s opportunity 100 years on?
Following the UK’s recent vote to leave the European Union, both print and social media have been filled with mountains of theories and ideologies on why this is a disaster for Britain and the potential knock on impact it will have on Ireland and it’s economy.

Let’s face […]

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The Talent Trap – Finding & Retaining the best talent in the market.

A common challenge for all employers is sourcing and recruiting the best people in the market. But once they’re hired, how do you ensure that you’re making every effort to retain them? After all of the effort that goes into finding and identifying the best fit for your company, the last thing you want […]