Using Mindfulness to Promote Staff Wellbeing and Boost Productivity

“Mindfulness supports the health and happiness of employees and has been shown to increase productivity to the value of nearly €3000 a year (per person)”

In 2015, 17% of the Irish workforce reported that they had experienced stress in their job, an 8% increase since 2010. Furthermore, there were twice as many people reporting more […]

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Why BREXIT may actually be good for Ireland.

Is Britain’s difficulty, Ireland’s opportunity 100 years on?
Following the UK’s recent vote to leave the European Union, both print and social media have been filled with mountains of theories and ideologies on why this is a disaster for Britain and the potential knock on impact it will have on Ireland and it’s economy.

Let’s face […]

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Are You Job Fit? The factors that influence your suitability and success!

Want to safeguard your career and achieve your true potential? Here we’ll examine how accurately assessing your job fit can have a major bearing on determining your future job satisfaction and career success.

Are you the missing piece in the jigsaw?

Before applying for that job, ask yourself why you’re a strong fit for it […]

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Mindfulness In The Workplace – How reducing stress can radically increase your employees happiness & productivity

Stress really is the silent assassin. We all undergo stressful periods in our daily lives and most of us at some point have to deal with it’s effects on us and others. I recently attended an excellent presentation on Mental Health in the Workplace given by Helen Chan of Aware and her first message […]

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