The Art of Virtual Onboarding in the Insurance market.

Hiring and onboarding a new employee is an important piece of the recruitment process for any insurance company. A new hire is never more vulnerable or dependent on the leadership team in a company than when they first arrive. A traditional part of the welcoming committee might involve a series of one on one […]

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Covid 19 – The New Normal or A New Beginning?

What a difference a few weeks makes. It’s probably just as well that February 29th only comes around once every four years, for that date in 2020 will be remembered for generations to come. What started out as a vague whisper of an epidemic in China, arrived with an unstoppable force on our shores […]

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Using Mindfulness to Promote Staff Wellbeing and Boost Productivity

“Mindfulness supports the health and happiness of employees and has been shown to increase productivity to the value of nearly €3000 a year (per person)”

In 2015, 17% of the Irish workforce reported that they had experienced stress in their job, an 8% increase since 2010. Furthermore, there were twice as many people reporting more […]

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Fatal mistakes in making a job offer and how to avoid them.

You’ve gone through a lengthy recruitment process and finally found the ideal candidate, but then they turn down your job offer. All that time wasted, and you have to start the process all over again. Does that sound familiar?

If you have candidates decline your job offers quite regularly it’s time to do […]

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The Talent Trap – Why the insurance industry needs to implement retention strategies that start with the recruitment process.

Last week I
wrote about the potential
impact of Brexit on the insurance industry and why staff involved in
recruitment should focus on having solid staffing strategies in place; one of
which should focus on how they retain their best people.

With the average staff turnover in
Ireland around 11% – and the typical cost of replacing an employee […]

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With ‘Brexit Day’ approaching the only certainty is this: March 29th 2019 will be here soon. What it looks like, and what type of Brexit the UK opts for, no one really knows. But among all the uncertainty, the time could be right for the Irish insurance industry to thrive and grow.

Last year the […]

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Has the CV outlived it’s usefulness in the hiring process?

Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why.
The other day a CV arrived in my inbox and after a cursory glance through it of no more than a few seconds, my impression of that prospective candidate had been formed. And it wasn’t good! I replied with a polite, diplomatic email explaining […]

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Tell Me What You Want (What You Really Really Want)

Want – “have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for”

In an age where every whim and seemingly impossible need or desire (no matter how outrageous) can be met with almost instant gratification, it both amazes and amuses me how so many candidates find it difficult to articulate clearly what they want, be it […]

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Act The Part – Get The Job!

You’re no doubt familiar with the term “Method Acting”. According to Wikipedia, it’s defined as “a technique of acting in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part, based on the system evolved by Stanislavsky and brought into prominence in the US in the 1930s.” Method acting was developed by Elia […]

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Every Day’s A School Day (including Sports Day)

Some time ago I was discussing with a client the importance and value of continuous professional learning and development. Not learning for learning’s sake but for the development of further knowledge and increasing ones awareness of the things that matter most in our respective industries. He agreed with my assertion of the need to […]