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MIND THE GAP – Between Failure & Success

According to Malcolm Gladwell in his celebrated book – Outliers, “Achievement = Talent + Preparation”. Sometimes the smallest gap between success and failure isn’t the talent component, it’s found in the preparation. Have you adequately prepared to succeed and deliver on your expected goals?  If you haven’t put in sufficient preparation, well there can […]

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What Makes A Great CV?

Curriculum Vitae – a Latin expression that can be loosely translated as “the course of my life”, are two words that can strike terror and panic into the most polished of job seekers. One of the toughest parts of any job search can be writing a CV with many dreading the thought of having […]

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How To Prepare Your CV

When it  comes to applying for any new position, the first thing that all candidates need to examine is their CV. Honestly, how long is it since you last looked at your CV in any great detail and what does your CV say about you today that perhaps is no longer relevant or looks […]

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