Never Swim Alone

I read an article recently about a man who saved another man from drowning. I’ve often struggled with what motivates these supermen, comic book hero types to intervene and save the life of another, yet this is a daily occurrence.

This man literally and metaphorically put his neck on the line to rescue a drowning man and was rightly lauded for his timely actions. The thought immediately occurred to me – would I be that brave? I was never a great swimmer, so I’m probably not your “go to guy” in that situation. But I do still wonder, would I if forced into action, make that choice to leap into open water to save someones life?

But then another thought occurred to me. Perhaps I haven’t saved anyone’s life but have still made a significant contribution with a timely intervention in their career. Maybe I’ve called a candidate whose career was treading water but starting to sink and I’ve rescued it by putting them in front of the right opportunity, a better job with a better company. Perhaps I too deserve to wear that blue cape as the comic book hero.

I very much doubt that “Recruitment Man” would ever be a popular action figure for kids, but perhaps we still get to be the heroes on a daily basis without always recognizing our interventions and actions that impact on another humans life. They say you should never swim alone and with Campbell Rochford beside you, your career will always be in safe hands.

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Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year from Campbell Rochford.

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