Life After Audit Season

For God’s sake, will someone please think of the auditors? Whilst many of us giddily approached our return to work in January looking forward to whatever the New Year might bring, for many thousands of auditors across the country, the New Year heralded their commencement of their busiest months of the year, otherwise known as “Audit Season”.

Last week for some would have been approached with a mixture of dread, fear and utter resignation as they faced into 12 hour + days and working weekends for the foreseeable months ahead. For junior/trainee accountants, it’s their equivalent of Navy Seal survival training, with some adopting the rather fatalistic view that they’d be best served to keep their heads down and just get on with it.

So while most of us clock off on Friday evenings looking forward to our weekends as opportunities to relax, recharge and unwind, think of those poor auditors stuck at work, poring over reams of accounts and figures, checking every minutae of our companies fiscal health, ensuring that we sleep soundly at night “figuratively speaking”. For most there’s no overtime – it’s just expected that they will devote every waking hour (and some sleeping ones too) to audit season, with the promise of promotion and progression for those that plough through it. For many auditors who’ve bought into this culture, they simply know nothing different. The institution of working long hours during their training contract is ingrained in their DNA and extra curricular activities at evenings and weekends are simply postponed. The promise of long summer evenings to enjoy their freedom must seem a long way off.

But, the good news is that for those whose perseverance and effort over the coming weeks will be maxed out, there is life after audit season. The sun will still rise and fall as the earth revolves on it’s axis. Auditors for whom promotion to Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, Associate Director, Director and perhaps one day – Partner, is but a pipe dream right now, will too progress beyond the rigours of another busy audit season. But progression isn’t solely limited to the Practice environment.

At present there are a number of banks, insurers, fund managers and various financial services institutions seeking suitably qualified Big 4 and Top 10 auditors who have stood in the trenches of audit season and survived to tell the tale. But they don’t want just any auditors, they want the best in class – Leaders, Strategic Thinkers, Communicators, Influencers. People with dynamism, drive and ambition who have delivered in the past and will continue to deliver far into the future to further their companies goals. People Like YOU!

So if you want to explore what life after audit season could look like for you and learn more about the best audit opportunities available in 2017, why not talk to Campbell Rochford today? Together, let us put you firmly on the path to your next career move in Audit.

If you or someone you know is currently in the throes of Audit Season and are seeking light at the end of the tunnel, call Gerard today on 01-9065116 in confidence.

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