Hiring Happy People: The Benefits of Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

I was encouraged to read a book a few years back by a mentor of mine. The book’s title was “The Happiness Advantage“, written by Shawn Achor, and I’d encourage anyone to read it. He posits, “Happiness is not the belief that we don’t need to change; it is the realisation that we can.” Research has shown that hiring happy people can be a great way to encourage positivity, improve workplace performance, and improve employee satisfaction. Many employers are turning to personnel with a positive attitude as a tool in recruitment and retention. But what does it actually mean to hire ‘happy people’? And what impact can properly encourage positive attitudes in the workplace to have? This blog post gives readers an overview of the benefits of incorporating and nurturing a positive attitude when recruiting.


The term ‘hiring happy people’ often conjures up a vision of a high-spirited and cheerful workforce, but in reality, it goes much deeper than that. When a company or organisation hires ‘happy people,’ they really mean they’re looking for enthusiastic, motivated and positive personalities to embody their brand. Without happiness in the workplace, optimising productivity is almost impossible. The happier the staff, the better the environment and outcomes. To sum it up, hiring happy people means recruiting individuals who possess the relevant skills for the job and those who bring a positive outlook to the workplace.

The Science Behind Happy Employees

A study by The University of Warwick suggested that happiness influences workplace performance, with happy employees allegedly producing entrepreneurial results up to 3 times higher than those in hostile states. This wasn’t the only correlation found either, as it was also suggested that positive emotions fuel productivity and create a more conducive working environment. The concept of purpose is also fundamental, as dedicated and committed staff are approximately 37% more likely to effectively engage with their duties. This means that they are likely to produce more considered and satisfactory results.

The Benefits of Hiring Happy People

The advantages of having an atmosphere of positivity in the workplace are abundant. Whenever an organisation takes the time to invest in the psychological well-being of its workers, the returns are quickly seen. Firstly, employee retention is much better in an environment filled with happiness. People tend to stay where they are content and under less pressure, reducing the need to constantly fill gaps. Furthermore, customer service usually improves, with staff better equipped to handle queries and provide satisfactory solutions. The morale of the organisation increases. The team can build a trusting network with each other, allowing for the creation of better ideas and exciting concepts.

The Impact on the Bottom Line

Having a team of content employees has an even more significant impact when it comes to the financials of any organisation. Happy people who feel passionate and excited by their job tend to be more productive and are likely to complete tasks efficiently and more frequently. This means that the company can save money in terms of staff wages and energy use, as it is likely that they won’t need to hire as many new people and will be able to get more done in less time. In summary, hiring people with a positive attitude and placing them in an environment full of potential for success can help increase overall profits for the business, making it a sound strategy for any modern workplace or organisation.

Strategies for Hiring Happy People

To successfully hire for positive attitudes, specific strategies should be adopted. The first is assessing a candidate’s perspective through a combination of evaluation in the interview process and reviewing the job application. Having a job description that focuses on the role’s value to the organisation is also essential rather than the duties alone. This will ensure that the interviewee is enthused to join the team. Furthermore, creating an inviting interview process with a professional atmosphere and taking the time to research the applicant can help to better understand their personality and potential. This will ensure that the right people are chosen for the right roles.


The benefits of hiring people with a positive attitude go way beyond simply improving the workplace atmosphere; they can also lead to greater productivity, higher morale and better customer service. Hiring happy people can also significantly impact the bottom line of any organisation, as it has been shown in numerous studies that positive attitudes lead to better work being produced. Ultimately, any organisation needs to consider the impact their recruitment decisions will have on the team, both currently and in the future. By hiring for happiness, an organisation can nurture a better atmosphere and reap the rewards for productivity and profits.

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