Career Health Check! Could your career do with an overhaul?

The longest journey begins with a single step” – Lao-tzu – Chinese Philosopher (604-531 BC)

I recently took my car for it’s by now annual NCT (National Car Test) and the assessors hoisted it up on a lift and prodded and poked at every nook and cranny to ensure it’s road worthiness. Thankfully it passed and is in reasonably good shape for another 12 months which is great. Were it not for the legal requirement to have a valid and up to date NCT badge on the dash, chances are I’d probably continue driving my car until it stalled or ceased up. But it got me thinking, I probably take more care of my car’s health than I do of my own. Aside from an occasional trip to the GP, I rarely set foot inside the doctors and so far so good. But I know that I should probably have a regular check up to see that all is in good working order.

But then another thought struck me, how well do people take care of their careers? Do you reflect on an annual basis or on a biannual basis on how your career trajectory has been performing? Has it taken off like a rocket in the past year or has it stalled and in urgent need of attention? It’s easy to slip into a rut. You’re in a stable job with a good company, working with people you respect and crucially connect with. So why change?

Perhaps something’s missing? It could be that your career path has plateaued in recent years and with no immediate opportunities for progression, you’re left to wallow in your comfort zone. After all your superiors are happy that you’re doing a great job and the last thing they need is the headache of trying to replace you. You’re in exactly the role that they hired you for and you fit their plans for now. You suspect that there might be a better opportunity elsewhere but you’re content to sit tight.

Does any of this sound familiar? Chances are we all experience a period of stasis in our careers and although opportunities may come knocking, we bat them away, preferring the comfort blanket of the familiar. Let’s face it, it’s easier to be passive about our careers and you may feel that your career ambitions are on track and you don’t need the distraction of an alternative option.

But what if as Stephen R. Covey describes, your career ladder is leaning against the wrong wall? What if when you get to the top of your ladder, you don’t like the view? What then?

At Campbell Rochford, we recommend that you conduct an annual assessment of your career and enter a period of self examination to determine if you’re on the right track. As Recruitment Experts we can assist you with this process, provide you with some meaningful insights and suggestions on the best course to take. The most difficult part is deciding to take action in the first place and not settle for the familiar, safety of your current role.

With our guidance and expertise, we’ll help you explore your options and discuss the best alternatives available in the market. Above all else, we’re here to listen to your concerns and provide you with some solutions to the questions you pose.Your career is in good hands with Campbell Rochford.

To ensure your career is in good health and for the best impartial advice, contact us today and speak with our career experts.

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