What Makes A Great Candidate?

From our experience, great candidates are articulate, knowledgeable, well prepared and have a vision. They have a clear idea of their career goals and will do whatever it takes to achieve these. But sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the best path to success which is why we also act as career coaches, counsellors and mentors, providing an impartial, objective viewpoint on how to reach your career objectives.

At Campbell Rochford we take a creative, more innovative approach to the job search on behalf of our candidates. In 2014 we’re well past the point of just applying or responding to the job advert that looks on paper like it might be a fit. Great candidates really want to stand out from the crowd and create opportunities in the companies that most interest them, even if those same companies haven’t actually advertised a job. In every sector, the best employers will usually make room for a “standout” candidate in their team. By taking a more proactive approach, we can open doors where none previously existed and can tailor CV’s ensuring that our great candidates are irresistible.

Once we’ve identified the right opportunities and made the initial introductions, the focus switches front and centre to the candidate. Aside from normal interview preparatory work, great candidates can create compelling pictures of themselves and know how to market their best attributes and skills to their employers of choice, making them the “must hire candidates”. They make a strong impression on paper but are able to distinguish themselves in interview. As your career partner, Campbell Rochford are strongly positioned to identify and anticipate any potential roadblocks that need to be addressed in advance and will invest significant time working with you on your interview skills to ensure you’re performing at your very best. We can prepare you for those competency based questions, designed to test your skills and abilities based on your past performance and draw out your potential future performance indicators.

Great candidates are ready to embrace a challenge and know how to grab the opportunity when it presents itself. They know how to prepare and plan for their interview and are primed to perform at their optimum on the big day. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your job search and optimise your interview performance, contact Campbell Rochford today and speak with our professionals.

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